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Criminal Investigator Services in Sacramento, CA

Criminal Investigator Services in Sacramento, CA

At SBL Investigations, we can provide criminal investigator services to conduct investigations for all types of criminal cases. We work with both individuals and attorneys, and can provide documentation and testimony that can be used in court in defense of criminal charges. Our complete criminal investigator services include witness locates and interviews, background checks, surveillance, and other trial preparation services.

If you are looking for a criminal investigator in Sacramento and the surrounding areas, SBL Investigations can help. We have extensive experience conducting criminal investigations, and we can provide professional quality reports that can be used in court in defense of your case. To learn more about how our criminal investigator can help and to find out more about our private detective services, contact us today.

Our Criminal Investigator Services

At SBL Investigations, we offer a complete variety of criminal investigation services in order help you build your defense case. Some of our available services include:

  • Locating Potential Witnesses – We can help locate and find witnesses of an accident or crime and can interview witnesses to gather witness statements that can be used in court to support your case. With our experience, we know how to conduct interviews that will produce the best outcomes.
  • Providing Thorough Background ChecksBackground checks can be done to uncover previous criminal history of the plaintiff or to discover any potential history that might be used to undermine the credibility of witnesses or the defendant. It is important to know all of these things when going to trial for any case.
  • Performing Professional Surveillance – There are a number of reasons why our private investigator may need to conduct surveillance. For example, surveillance can be performed to provide proof of criminal behavior by another party, or we can even investigate previous surveillance to uncover facts needed.
  • Conducting Comprehensive Trial Preparation Services – When it comes to criminal investigation, we are skilled and experienced experts. We can provide thorough and complete reports of evidence and facts to help the outcome of any criminal case.

Contact Our Sacramento Criminal Investigator

Sacramento Criminal Investigator | Private Investigation Services

If you require a criminal investigator to help build your case, contact us at SBL Investigations today. Finding a qualified and discreet criminal investigator to uncover the truth you need, can be a challenging task. A private investigator needs to be someone you can be confident that can make sure your investigation is handled professionally and with the highest attention to detail.

If you are searching for a criminal investigator in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, then contact SBL Investigations today. We promise to conduct a comprehensive investigation and provide the information you need. Contact our private detective today to get started!

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